Tea Love~

9:10 PM

I simply detest sitting in winter afternoons and not have something satisfying to drink to keep myself warm. May it be a hot cuppa coffee, tea or a soothing green tea!
I have been liking some fruit tea lately, tried a couple of flavors but prefer berry the best. Though not a fruit flavor lover, Jasmine tea has been my all time favorite.

Took some shots this afternoon, tried this - a tea splash
Not a perfect shot though but I just loved it. Happy Winters Everyone :)



2:11 PM

How lovely it is to grab a hot cup of coffee and something delectable to have with it. May it be some oosy brownies, a cake or some divine cookies. Its my first year in Egypt, infact its been 3 months and I didnt expect that it will get this cold here.

But then its simply as desirable to have some fresh strawberries, which I found at the supermarket yesterday!Such beauties! I am also thinking of making a dessert out of it. But nothing so special just a simple one, especially when you are tired and frazzled at the end of the day.

Its my own creation and believe me it was quite flavorsome. I took few marie biscuits and broke them into few small pieces and placed them at the base of a bowl. I took 4 tbsps of milk and added a tsp of instant coffee to it. I soaked the biscuits with this mixture.
Separately I made instant vanilla custard - (lazy as always), and allowed it to cool a bit. Lastly took some fresh strawberries, cut them in half. And there you go put layers of strawberries and custard on top of the coffee biscuits and Bon Apetite!!

P:S - Didnt take any pictures of the dessert though, as it was quite late and I was tired :)


a Get Away~

5:00 PM

Sometime back I went to a place near Kashmir, Pakistan. This place is called Tolipeer its a peak from where you can see the beautiful and breathtaking mountains of Kashmir and can also have a view of the Indian side of Kashmir. The lush greenery and the weather was just so divine that I just feel like going back again.

colors of spring

The peak of Toli Peer



1:24 PM

Things have been quite different these days! I dont know what to say... Its just too hot here these days, 45 plus degrees and no sign of rain.
Again weekends are great to relax. My uncle brought me cherries and thought of sharing those with everyone.

Hope that everyone had a nice weekend~


a Relaxing Sunday~

8:20 PM

Sunday is a time to relax and to have fun. Plus to catch up with all the stuff which is pending over the week.
I didn't do much today other than to rearrange stuff in the kitchen, which is my fondest thing to do :)

Its really hot these days, and lights keep going, which makes it even worse. Thanks to the UPS, which has made this hot weather still bearable.

I dont feel like going to work tomorrow, I just hate it now.Sigh~


Food Porn

2:09 PM

Recently I am really interested in doing food photography. I just enjoy taking pictures of delicious food and capturing wonderful colors.