11:01 PM

Its been a while since I wrote anything!
I am back in Cairo, with all the hustle and bustle. I was simply delighted to visit Zamalek the other day, which could also be known as Mini Manhattan~ Anyhow its a brilliant place with some great restaurants, bookstores, Antique galleries and yes beautiful shops selling handmade, local Egyptian stuff.

Its just so overwhelming when I smell the beautiful aromas of food around me. There is this lovely dining place known as Cairo Kitchen, with authentic Egyptian Cuisine. I tried mouth watering ShrimpTagine and Roasted honey glazed Chicken!!Yum :) So Divine! Sadly couldnt took some nice pictures!

I simply love exploring towns, streets and markets and then I came across this lovely shop selling some beautiful scarfs/stoles, books and some artistic stuff made by local Egyptian artists, this was all at~ Turath

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