Porto Marina, Egypt

3:21 PM

So finally we reached Porto Marina, which is a beautiful resort along the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt.
The weather was quite cold so the beaches were closed and there werent many people around. But we enjoyed, the cold, food and scenery around us.

View from our room!

It was like mini Venice, with colorful buildings and the same boat as you find in Venice!

 The breakfast was again good! Had cheese topped tomatoes, veges with sausages and yummy mashed potatoes.

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  1. Wow it looks absolutely beautiful there, and um.. the food? YUM!

  2. This is crazy! It doesn't look like a real place at all, more like some sort of surreal theme park! Definitely not how I would have imagined Egypt.


    1. Hehe!I was also wrong about Egypt when I first came here! But it has a lot of beauty and amazing places to visit :)


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