See What I Found~

11:22 PM

Its just the moment when I saw this beautiful floral cup and saucer with a beautiful tin storage box - I was in Love with it :). I mean I simply had to buy it - I just so admire things like this. My kitchen has to be colorful no matter what.  Luckily this box came with two cup set so I am glad that I can serve two at the same time.

I am off to a one day escape to Mediterranean Sea, so hoping to bring in some nice and colorful pictures to share :) Au Voir

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  1. pretty pretty :) Following back :) Would wait for your colourful pictures, once ur back!

  2. super lovely blog :)

    want to follow each other? let me know


    1. Hi there!
      Your blog is really nice. Have already started following you :0
      Follow me too :))


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