4:28 PM


Eid is just around the corner, I am sure a lot of you must have already prepared for Eid.

My preps are also somewhat underway, the house is all cleaned up, laundry sorted, advance food



10:00 AM


I am enjoying setting up flat lays these days, I actually got more interested and inspired by my



12:33 AM


Does anyone of you feel like lost in your own space? I have been feeling frittered away lately so

52 weeks

Week 10 & 11 2017`

11:15 AM

Hectic weeks these have been!

Sky is the Limit

Travelling to the homeland and prepping for my sister in laws wedding!

52 weeks

Week 5 6 7 8 `Story of my life`

7:13 PM

So Guys how are you all doing? I thought I would just chit chat today.

  • First of all.... Happy Women's Day! Though every day is the same but Chalo we can dedicate this day to some tremendous work done by females around the globe.
Small batch cupcakes



6:52 PM

So have been away for a while, and sleepless nights have not been gone!
I guess every other person has a problem these days! and perhaps the environment in which we are living these days and GOD the stress level has risen immensely given the work conditions and competition.

But apart from these issues,

52 weeks

Week 3` 2017

7:36 PM

Found this in my archives- this picture is from my trip to Neelum Valley, Kashmir, Pakistan


Cacti and Succulents!

10:34 AM

Having greenery around is always pleasing to your eyes and soul. It not only looks beautiful and makes you feel fresh and clean, but it also gives you motivation and hope for something new! >>


Glam Box

7:49 PM

Being a full-time mommy is very tiring and that also of


Lingered Upon`

4:12 PM

Its been a week now and I am feeling ripped!
I feel so stale sitting at home all day while my kid is at school and husband at work!

I could do a lot of things but the problem is that I can't get off my couch- which is sad

I feel making a list I like to do, might do me good. But why am I being so slacky...Urgghh

I should start a 52-week project I guess. Since I like to do some


What I Ate`

5:05 PM

Waffles with Icecream

FOOD-- I never understood the fact that there are people who wouldn't want to cook for themselves, I mean who wouldn't?

Well, it's their choice but I LOVE to cook, it's like a meditation or something which brings me comfort. But here today I m not going to share


The Year 2016`

2:00 PM

Well What Say --hmmm last year has been a great year Alhamdulilah. But there were some major changes and shifts in our lives. Myself and I were living in Egypt. We moved there as