Glam Box

7:49 PM

Being a full-time mommy is very tiring and that also of


Lingered Upon`

4:12 PM

Its been a week now and I am feeling ripped!
I feel so stale sitting at home all day while my kid is at school and husband at work!

I could do a lot of things but the problem is that I can't get off my couch- which is sad

I feel making a list I like to do, might do me good. But why am I being so slacky...Urgghh

I should start a 52-week project I guess. Since I like to do some


What I Ate`

5:05 PM

Waffles with Icecream

FOOD-- I never understood the fact that there are people who wouldn't want to cook for themselves, I mean who wouldn't?

Well, it's their choice but I LOVE to cook, it's like a meditation or something which brings me comfort. But here today I m not going to share


The Year 2016`

2:00 PM

Well What Say --hmmm last year has been a great year Alhamdulilah. But there were some major changes and shifts in our lives. Myself and I were living in Egypt. We moved there as