Lingered Upon`

4:12 PM

Its been a week now and I am feeling ripped!
I feel so stale sitting at home all day while my kid is at school and husband at work!

I could do a lot of things but the problem is that I can't get off my couch- which is sad

I feel making a list I like to do, might do me good. But why am I being so slacky...Urgghh

I should start a 52-week project I guess. Since I like to do some
creative stuff. I like photography and I also like to cook so perhaps I should start by trying out a new dish every week and then post it, share with you guys!

Perhaps ......

I don't know :(( ... Argghh well I may or I may not, I cannot agree to this as yet. But somewhere in my heart and mind I am getting that palpation!

See my sad face :(

But hey I got a book to boost me up a little I haven't started reading it yet but I hope its good.
It's called Big Magic- Creative living Beyond Fear, By Elizabeth Gilbert. I got it from Jarir Bookstore based in KSA. You can buy it here if based in KSA otherwise here.

Plus I also got myself this journal which I found online, while I was trying to do some therapy. It's really nice. Start Where you are -- A journal for self-exploration, By Meera Lee Patel. Purchase here if within KSA otherwise here.

It's a colorful interactive book where you can jot down things in your life about different things and aspects. This may help to focus and to rejuvenate your inner self. I hope it works for me because I am in desperate need for it.

Anyways I am starting to feel better already! 

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