The Year 2016`

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Well What Say --hmmm last year has been a great year Alhamdulilah. But there were some major changes and shifts in our lives. Myself and I were living in Egypt. We moved there as
soon as we got married-- well my husband moved first and I went after a couple of months.

But was a dramatic change for me. I have travelled a lot and still do but I had never imagined that I would live in Egypt for some time. I mean it never occurred to me that we could go and live in some place like Cairo, where the majestic Pyramids reside.

On the whole, our stay of 4 years was beautiful, exploring Egypt, which is a wonderful country, with such rich culture, tons of history and magnificent beaches. I will keep posting more on Egypt from time to time. Keep following :)

It all ended in 2016 when my husband decided to move to another dimension and that was Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I was NOT so excited at first obviously you would understand my situation because of the huge cultural shock that I was about to receive, Also I was about to leave some very good friends which I made during my stay. But then I was happy at the same time that it was for our best and the fact that I would be so close to Makkah and Madinah.

So the year 2016 passed by saying goodbyes and take cares to Cairo and moving to KSA and settling in, which is also quite of a process to go through- from getting your Iqama to finding a nice place for yourself and then getting it all furnished is such a hassle. Because in Cairo you could easily find a nice furnished apartment in decent price.

Well, that part and headache were all sorted out Alhamdulillah. I then travelled to Brunei to visit my sister. I have some old association and affection with Brunei because my dad used to work there too.

Will share more on Brunei in my future posts InshaAllah.

So I feel like going back again and again, though there isn't much to explore apart from the beaches and rainforest, but the serenity really calls me back. This time I went after 7 years so it was a long time and I was totally married and had a son to accompany me. It was a trip full of joy since my mum and dad were also visiting!

That's me with my son starting from the left, my parents in the centre and my Sister with her beautiful daughters. Uff I miss them all so much :( Sigh.

So a lot has happened in the past year, from packing to shifting to unpacking and so forth. 

Now I am back and all settled in my new home!!

So far Alhamdulillah it's been a beautiful transition and I am all blessed Alhamdulillah again.
Your prayers are needed too! I am new in Riyadh, KSA, its been only 4 months and it's not that bad. So anyone following me from KSA, please do not hesitate to share information.


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