Dinner Time Around the World`

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Picture Credit: Eatwith blog

How do you have your dinner time? 

Every country has its own culture and practices.

The fast pace of our lives has changed this process so much that It's hard for families now to sit together, not only for meals but anytime during the day.

Each one of us is so busy, that we hardly have time for each other. Especially the internet or Cell phones have taken more than half of our time- In fact over our entire lives!

I remember some time back, while I was visiting Pakistan. I and my parents went out for a dinner at some restaurant. There was a family; a mother with her children, they were all grown-ups. The common thing which I saw and got really hurt after that which actually gave our family a topic to discuss, at that point was that they were all on their cell phones. The mother including her grown up kids.

They placed their order for food and then they were all quite, looking down at their phones until the food arrived.

This made me think, that what was the point of coming and sitting together when you have nothing to talk about.

My parents always emphasized on having a dinner together, not only dinner but all of the meals. Of course, if you are not home, then that's a different story. But if you are; then it was and still is important for all of us to sit unitedly at meal times.

And we have had a habit of sharing our daily routine and ups and downs at the table, though it is not considered very polite in some cultures to talk at the dinner table, but nowadays that could be an exception because of our busy lives.

A few days ago I came across few posts, which really touched my heart.

The pictures were so intense that they did not require any details what so ever.
It shows how people have dinner time together, some like to sit closely every time. Few people live alone, no one to share with, or just being casual.

Each shot tells a whole new story about the family, some share intimate moments together, and some are just tired of themselves or their lives. Some are happy families sharing stories at the table, and some are just alone.

Lois Bielefeld / loisbielefeld.com

Chris Terry/WFP 2014
Do take a look further: 
These pictures share a real meaning of family and time spent collectively with your loved ones.
It's one of the most important time of the day at least for me.

What do you think? Share your stories too I would love to read!

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