How do you like to spend your free time?

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 'Do one thing every day that Scares you. -- Eleanor Roosevelt'

Ok so spending your free time for some can be hard; especially if you have a family to look after then I guess you hardly get any free time. Sigh --

And IF YOU DO GET SOME! Then I guess everyone would do something that they enjoy!

It could be watching a good movie, reading a book, cooking/baking, going for a long walk or even sleeping for that matter.

And some more enthusiasts or hobbyists would like to spend time in creative work.

Whatever may bring you peace and comfort! I guess everyone has their own way of spending some of their "Me Time".


Well, it's nothing out of the ordinary - it's just me myself and I (sounds like a song Ya!) I just grab something to munch on/ or to drink and sit in front of the TV. I like to watch a good movie - I have been exploring some different films from other countries (meaning NO Hollywood and Bollywood; well NOT AT ALL TIMES - but ya sometimes).

Apart from this, I like watching National Geographic/Discovery Channel, Travel Channels, and Food related Channels.


I Take photographs, I cook or I color.

IT SOUNDS BORING, isn't it? Well, Ya it does!

SO Tell me? How do you all like to spend your free time? 

SHARE WITH ME! I might get some inspiration and may get more productive during my free time.

Also hope you all have a great weekend :)

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