The Love for High Waist, Wide Leg Pants

6:28 PM

How many of you would agree with me?

Wide Legs - High Rise- Short Length Pants
picture credit: EVERLANE

I am totally in love with such pants, the reasons are just very simple:
  1. They are comfortable
  2. Breathable 
  3. Looks Classy
  4. Can top up with just about anything good
These Pants by EVERLANE are just amazing!

They have pants for any waist and they look great, comfortable and have beautiful comfy material; which is great for summers.

They are high waist pants thus making you look tall even if you are wearing flats!
Shop them here at EVERLANE.

ASOS.COM also have amazing collection of such pants-- shop here 

They have some great ones in print and plain too.

I have been craving for these Nordstrom wide legged cropped pants and these ones too! 
They are so love ♡.

Which one would you pick for yourselves?
Let me know :)

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