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On vacations, one always like to go adventurous!

So was a thing for myself and my husband, when we freshly moved to Egypt. We took a trip to El-Gouna. A small modern resort town established along the Red Sea, by Orascom. It is situated near Hurghada around 4-5 hours drive Cairo. It's a beautiful town, so secluded from all the hustle and bustle. In fact, it's so secluded that apart from tourists nobody can enter the town, only and unless you have a reservation at a hotel.

Anyhow enough about El- Gouna, I have shared a few pictures in my very older post. But will soon share a new post with you guys.

Once you are there, you get to do a lot of fun activities, such as Water sports, Kite Surfing, Snorkelling and Diving (for which I shared a post earlier). Desert Safari was another one of the activities that we chose to do.

It was a wonderful experience, I still remember how amazing it was. Four years have gone by since we had that adventurous vacation. I really miss it and would love to do something of that kind again.

The services provided were incredible. We were picked up from our hotel and they took us to the point where it was supposed to begin which is towards the Red Sea Mountains. We were offered drinks and tea, plus a brief intro on how and where we were headed. We were also briefly trained on the Quad Bikes so that we knew how to drive them. The packages start from 45 Euros per head.

You can get all the details here.

We took the Sunset Quad Bike trip which was to end in the middle of nowhere (somewhere in the mountains) and there we were to sight beautiful sunset and then return back after sunset.

All prepped up! 

Bikes all lined up and a brief training session was under way.


Made a couple of stops and were offered water and drinks as we took some rest on our way
Some views on our way! All of this area was once under the Red Sea

Made a major stop at a Bedouins (old villagers tribe) house to have some tea and Sheesha

Kehwa (tea)

Other fellows in our group

Bedouin Family (boy making tea for us and the other was selling some medicinal herbs and balms)

Lady making some nice bread 

Beautiful Sunset

Oooh it was really heavy! Lol

coral remains, once part of Red Sea

Beautiful city lights from the distance on our way back!

We were back with wonderful memories and I still cherish them. I would love to do the same again very soon.

Try to go adventurous whenever possible.

Hope you all are having a great week.

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